Our biggest regrets... are not for the things we have done, but rather... for the things we haven't. for the things we haven't.

Our biggest regrets...

are not for the things we have done,

but rather...

for the things we haven't.

for the things we haven't.

What is European-Elite

“European-Elite” is an organization created to help European student-athletes as well as the clubs/Vereine that they play for, by connecting them with the right people and experiences to prepare them for the next steps in their lives. People aren’t all the same and therefore need different options for their own paths.

We feel a proper balance between academics and athletics is important in the process of setting and reaching goals that we create for ourselves as we grow older. The hardships learned while playing sports help us to be more prepared for unexpected stress in our lives.

Be it a specific sport or general fitness training, European-Elite offers best practices for all aspects of an student's world from experienced US Americans who live in Europe as well as Europeans that have gone through the same situations in their own lives.

Let "European-Elite" help you to make the right choice, the first time through.


-"Because we've been there before."

US High School Exchange Program

European-Elite offers F-1 and J-1 Visas to place students into US high schools throughout the entire USA.

J-1 Visa - Public School Program: Each students will live 10-11 months (1 semester also available) with a US host family, living as part of a real American family, experiencing what life in an American household is like as an American high school student.

F-1 Visa - Private Boarding School Program: Students who are interested in staying in the US longer than 1 year, who ideally have intentions to continue their education and at a US university of college, usually in connection with an athletic or academic scholarship, generally go over on the F-1 program. Students will live on an enclose secure campus, in a dorm room and study in a college-like experience.

"The experiences made while living abroad allow students to learn a different perspective on life and a new culture that will help create independence and self-confidence within them, helping prepare them for life as an adult."

-European-Elite Founder: Eric Hoerl

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Thank you European-Elite for everything you did for me! It was the best year of my life so far!
City College of San Francisco,
Simon (Germany)
Thank you for everything European-Elite! I truly believe everything wouldn't have been without you.
University of Nebraska,
Nouri (Germany)

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