“EEpreps” is program that allows a student’s athletic as well as academic abilities to gain attention and create opportunities from one (or more) of the private and boarding schools we work with in the US.
European-Elite has a large network of private and boarding schools through the entire USA in which we work with to connect European student athletes.
This program is designed for students who’s goal it is to reach higher levels in the US sports world, such as college and/or professional levels, as well as students who can not afford the standard US high school exchange program, however still would like to experience what it is like to be a real american high school student athlete.
In order to make this possible, film plays an essential role.


European-Elite offers:
  • Advice and share experience with the process from start to finish
    (school application, obtaining a visa, financial aid process, etc) 
  • Help with creating a highlight reel
    -as well as create film if needed (*see Playmaker Camp Series page)
  • Create a profile page where potential coaches can view a students film
    and information such as a bio, height/weight, GPA, etc
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