USA Highschool

-Want to take your athletic and academic skills to a new level?

-Are you interested in attending a US High School?

-Can you speak fluent English?


There is a huge demand for European high school students in the US!

European-Elite wants to help European students reach their athletic and academic goals by placing them into US High Schools!

European-Elite: a Germany based company, has partnered with several US exchange organizations including Face the World”, Education One” as well as the world renowned “IMG Academy” in Bradenton Florida, and has connections to several other top ranked athletic US High Schools; offering I-20, F-1 and J-1 Visas to place students into US high schools throughout the entire USA with more options than any other exchange program out there.

Through the special agreement that we have made with our partner companies, we are able to connect every student to a school offering the sport of their choosing!  

For sports that aren’t as present all over the US (ice hockey, lacrosse, etc) we will do our best to find a school that offers it.
Our goal is to provide students as many options as possible to have the best experience possible in their year abroad!

Program prices starting at 7000€*. Price includes visa, host family, school tuition (*programs prices may vary depending on specific school options.)

Download:  European-Elite Brochure

if you are interested in attending US High School or College, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact us for more information: