Playmakers Camp Series

European-Elite has worked closely since day one of the Playmakers camps putting it focus on youth athletes.
To kick off the 5th year of our cooperation with the Playmakers camps, European-Elite is introducing our new program called “EE-preps”, where we connect youth players with US Private and Boarding schools.



The idea of this program is to allow a student’s athletic as well as academic abilities to create opportunities for those who are not able to afford the standard public school exchange program, or for students who’s goal it is to reach higher levels in the US football world, such as college and/or professional levels.

Click the link for more information about the EEpreps program

In order to make this possible, film plays an essential role.  We realize however that in Europe, getting good quality film at the junior level isn’t easy.  So to fix this European-Elite will be offering the “EE Upgrade” package at the coming 2020 Winter Camp series.  


For 35€, each player will be filmed in different events and drills including:
  • Weight Lifting
    (bench press, power clean)
  • Speed
    (40y dash, pro shuttle, L-drill)
  • Position Drills
    (specific position technique during camp sessions)
  • Live Game-Like Scenarios
    (full contact group work)
Film will be cut and edited and shared via link.
This film can be used for your own highlight reels, or be used to try to gain the attention of one of the many private and boarding schools we work with in the US.
Each player will also receive a European-Elite practice jersey to help stand out from the crowd and make sure all eyes are on them.
For more information, contact us by email or fill out the form below to sign-up.